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About Us

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How We Started

Genius Turtle, as the name signifies, epitomizes the transcendence of the mundane to the dizzy heights of excellence, the transformation of the ordinary to perfection and supremacy. With the sole intent to enhance the learning options of school going children of all ages as well as to provide access to quality and affordable coaching methods Genius Turtle was founded in 2021 by a group of dedicated parents and professionals from the academia.

Mr. Mohammed Iqbal, an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Graduate and an acclaimed teacher and recipient of several awards in his field gave up his high paying job and pursued his long-cherished dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  

Enthusiastic parents nourished this young venture by providing all the impetus it needed.  
Before long the first batch of students were enrolled and today, within a span of a couple of months, the enrollment has grown to several hundred students in various batches and different grades.

Start today ... make a difference for the future.. the Genius Turtle way

Our Mission

Make education better by providing high quality training with the help of superior trainers, training material and technology.

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Positive & Collaborative

Genius Turtle thrives in a corporate culture that values every team member's contribution towards our goal of improving lives.


Rocket Fuel For Careers

Genius Turtle experience hyper professional growth and all the challenges that entails. Grow your skills while working to solve real issues across the region


Fun & Dedicated Family

Genius Turtle work hard and play hard. Our teams grow as one they overcome challenges and have fun along the way.


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